Experience Windows Phone 7 On Your Android Or iOS Phone

Fact is, if you have an android or iOS phone, you can also test and see for yourself the Windows Phone 7 (WP7) environment almost everyone is curious about. Use your android/iOS phone now and redirect to this link: http://aka.ms/wpdemo for a working demo.

Image courtesy of geeky-gadgets.com
It was just a week ago when Windows posted it on their official website and the intelligent move allows everyone with android and iOS phone to have a touch experience with the WP7 environment without requiring to install anything or go to a mobile store to see an actual exhibit- How I wish all mobile phones with varying units have this kind of working demo- It will be a great experience and at the same time practical!

The demo which is actually built in HTML5 is pre-contained with user information like messages, contacts, calendar memo, Emails and so on. You can browse them with all the tapping, scrolling, swiping and flipping experience until you get to the end of the page demo and eventually reach the option if you want to start the demo all over again.

Give it a try now and indeed you'll never regret this awesome experience well done by Microsoft! Don't forget to comment what you think!

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  1. fatmi says:

    That is a great Application over all.

    what is arduino

  2. Indeed! Have you tried it too?

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