Freeze Your Monitor With Google's "Let It Snow" Effect

It's Christmas and Google has always got to share with us in this one of the most celebrated event of the year! We've been flabbergasted by this powerful search engine before by adding cool effects in Google search like the "Do a barrel roll", "Google Sphere", "Google Gravity" and many more and this time, it's time to do the "Let it snow"!

Go to and key in the words "let it snow" (without the quotes) in the search bar. After the engine displays the result, snowflakes will start to fall on your screen. Your monitor then will start to frost until the display is almost completely covered. You may noticed that the search button before becomes the defrost button which you can click to go back to the normal view. Don't click this yet as there is one last step to enjoy this effect. While your monitor is still frozen, click and drag your mouse on the screen. See what happen. The images below are screenshots of my own trial of this awesome effect!

"Let It Snow" by Google

Click and drag mouse while the whole screen is frozen

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