Infographic: Evolution of Web Design

The aspect of the world wide web we have today in terms of functionality and design is indeed a result of a long growth and progress that many of us  witnessed through the years. 

And now that we are on the age of Web 2.0 where almost everything in the appearance of webpages such as buttons and banners are shiny, glowing and letterpressed and that the web has become dynamic enough to allow us create our own identity and speak on the web while browsing and sharing has never been easy as before because websites now have been formatted (at least mostly) to be  compatible with mobile devices especially smartphones and tablets,  It's just worthwhile remembering the transformation and diversity of web designs we have before and today! 

The inforgraphic below perfectly showed how web design has evolved over the years from the very flat and static, to stunning, dynamic and highly interactive designs.

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  1. Truly, the web design industry has evolved a lot! My Phoenix web design company is also aware of these changes because to be able to stay in this industry and to be on the ball, you have to be open for new opportunities to be able to gain more clients and businesses. Thanks.

  2. chrisair says:

    If that so I cannot to infographics waahh, looks so hard to do...

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    Raketer Mama
    From wala to okay

  3. kay says:

    Nice one ... hahaha ... nakakatuwa no? Inabutan ko pa kaya yung floppy disks ... okay, I feel old now after saying that hahahaaha

  4. I love infographics, a better way of presenting information than a bunch of boring texts. Naalala ko rin nung gumagawa ako ng website sa freewebs, those were the days. :)

  5. great infographics well thought out and illustrated!

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