Pinoy Meets Siri

The advent of iPhone 4S in the Philippines has received an overwhelming acceptance and appreciation to many. Me myself have tried the gadget and I've been wowed by the handset especially when I tried to take that shot from it's 8MP camera - digicam can just be thrown away now and talk to Siri to search in the web and send a message.  However not everything is really incredible especially when it comes to Siri. She cannot understand some of the words you say to her and she will lead you to ridiculous actions if not horrible!

Talking about Siri, I tried to search on the web about some of the useful tips or vids on how to get with her, so that one day when I got my own iPhone 4S (whew!), I won't lose my nerve talking to her and she will follow actions as instructed. Eventually this brought me to unexpected while some are totally ridiculous results. So I thought to post it here so that I have my own collection of Pinoy videos with Siri.

If you don't know Siri yet, she is the most  'intelligent' (so far) virtual assistant of iPhone (available on iPhone 4S only) that allows you to do things on your phone such as sending and reading text messages, calling, setting up a schedule, send emails, search on the web, setting up an alarm, unit conversion etc.

Here are some of the videos of Pinoy dealing with Siri.

SIMPLE INQUIRY USING SIRI - In this vid, the pinoy user is asking simple inquiries to Siri and Siri will try to search it on the web and immediately display the answer on the screen

SETTING UP A SCHEDULE, REMINDER AND NOTE USING SIRI - This video is showing how Siri would set you up on a schedule and properly put your appointments in order. She would even tell you if there are conflicting schedules and ask you some confirmations. Siri seems easily got the Pinoy user talking to her in this vid.

SIRI READS TAGALOG MESSAGE - This is quite hilarious as Siri reads tagalog words. What's in the message is actually the 'bahay kubo' lyrics.

Okay, moving away from the serious vids, I went to this really funny and trending video of Filipino version of Siri - Vangie. The crafting of this video is indeed impressive that it was even featured in a national news  program in TV but this one is a total joke.


VANGIE CHECKING THE LOCAL TRAFFIC CONDITION - A short clip of one of Vangie's feature - checking local traffic.

Going back, I found this video of ashleyslips and I was like, Woah, really? They are giving away an iPhone 4S?

GET A CHANCE TO HAVE SIRI BY WINNING IPHONE 4S - Yes! Globe Telecom is actually promoting their iPhone 4S offering and you have the chance to win iPhone 4S by joining this contest. watch this video of ashleyslips  to know the mechanics and as she nosebleed when she asks Siri to define the word 'life'!

That's all for now, I wish I could add some more videos in this post later.

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  1. Algene says:

    I think I'm going to get my 4S on January especially that Smart is offering it at a lower price plan! Thanks for sharing this. :) Mas na-enjoy ko ang last video. lol

  2. kiko :(|) says:

    I'll stick to buying iPad

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  3. Karla says:

    I'm not much into gadgets but the iPhone 4s looks nice. I don't have the budget for it though, hehe. Thanks for sharing videos. I laughed a lot at Vangie. Ang kulit! :D

  4. Morion says:

    wow iphone 4s,,, hoping dat i can hav 1 next yer:)

  5. Julie. -- says:

    This latest phone from Apple scares the hell out of me. Not that I'm into pambasag trip ha pero it's just too scary for me to think that now, everything can be done by virtual people. I mean I'm just thinking what could be after 10-20 years? Robots will run the world na ba? hehehe.. anyways, I have an option to upgrade my iphone4 to 4s but still thinking about it pa. hehe.. thanks for sharing this.

  6. Looking like great experiences she have with Siri. Siri is such an amazing tool. These videos show many.

  7. anu says:

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