Tell What SULIT Means for you and win iPhone 4S or 3K Gift Certificate

With the prosperous new year ahead, and as a way to celebrate their 5th year anniversary, is giving away 2 iPhone 4S and 3 thousand SM gift certificates in their third and fourth week of their promo "Tell us what Sulit means for you!"

When I first read about it on their facebook page, I never had a second thought not to join because aside from the fact that joining online promos is one of my hobbies, has been on of the most user-friendly, trustworthy online trading site in the Philippines where you can advertise, sell and buy almost all kinds of products and services such as real estate, cars and automotives, business and earning opportunities and even jobs and many others.

The promo is so simple. As the title suggests, you have to describe in your own creative words what does SULIT means for you! Example is given for you below:

S-uperb products
U-ncompromised transactions
L-inked products to like
I-ntimate place to sell &
T-errific customers

The first requirement is that you must have SULIT account and have posted an advertisement in a shop under your account. If you already have done this you can proceed to the next procedure below.

When you're done thinking of the best words that can describe SULIT, you need to share them in three social networking sites. Following the format as described on the given link above, you have to post it publicly on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Also note that you have to be connected with SULIT in those three accounts so that you can link back to their account or else your entry will be void.

Next step is to submit those post links to them by using the form in the link given. And that's it! You successfully submitted one entry. You can send as many as entries you can for more chances of winning!

Although joining the promo can be tedious and will somehow push you to the limits of thinking WHAT SULIT MEANS FOR YOU, the price is all worth it! 

They are already in their second week of the promo and it's never too late to win!  

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