Google Docs for Android Updates Released!

There are new and improved ways to increase overall productivity over your documents on-the-go as Google Docs developers released its updates on  Google Docs for Android today, available now in the Android Market.

Major updates include the enhanced user-interface which now allow users to pinch to zoom and focus on a specific paragraph or see the whole document at a glance and the added rich text formatting so users can do things like creating a quick bullet list, adding color to documents, or just bold something important.

Google Docs for android now also support the collaborative environment functionality, Google Docs users only experience on desktop browsers before  which let every user editing a particular document see updates in real time as others type on their computers, tablets and phones.

Here are the complete functionalites added in Google Docs' latest version
  1. Create, view and edit Google documents with new Android editor
  2. Rich text formatting (bold, italics, underline, font color, background color)
  3. Layout tools (bulleted lists, numbered lists, indentation)
  4. Real-time collaboration - see edits from others in seconds
  5. Cursor presence and highlighting
Google Docs for Android require version 2.1 and up to run.

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  1. After updating the Google docs app on your Android device, you could find some improvements. I impressed with this updates.

  2. This is one of the glamorous post.I like your blog encouragement.Nice post.

  3. Thanks for your comment! Keep coming ^_^

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