Spammers and Malwares Find new Targets Through Facebook for Android Mobile App

Today as I browse on youtube, like I used to do most of the time, I happen to encounter an unexpected notice that disallow me to share or post videos to my facebook profile. The notice says:

Until now I keep wondering how it happened until I read one of the headlines on my Google News and Weather app regarding the mobile malware spreading over targeting Android OS users through Facebook app!

This is alarming in a way that the youtube as well as facebook apps are now prone to malware and spams and although I am planning to report this to legal authorities, there are no assurance that my phone would be back to safe and normal.

I hope that this post may serve as a note or a lesson to everyone who are also active in video sharing and posting status frequently on youtube and facebook.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    I also have received annoying adverts that pop up as a notification in the same way as a facebook notification does at the top of my Samsung android phone where you pull down to view updates and notifications. I had no idea where this spam was coming from but I know it didn't happen until I had the Facebook app installed on my phone. I've now uninstalled the facebook app as I can't stand being spammed on my phone! It feel like a real invasion of privacy in some way.

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