15 Slides For A Better 'one Policy, one Google Experience' Understanding

By this time, you (and me) as Google products users are already under the implementation of Google's new privacy policy - One Policy, one Google experience! And also by now, it's a matter of understanding that we will be able to realize how this new privacy policy could bring change and convenience in terms of our daily web experience with Google. The change could not actually guarantee to give us the expectation we want but  maybe along the way, we will realize that this change now really matters especially to you and your interests on the web. Or in another perspective this change could also be significant to Google especially in bringing the best search results to us as customers.  

It's actually a "Take it or leave it" situation now. If you don't like the new privacy policy of Google, then you are advised to cancel your accounts on their products. That's foolish but that's the only way! 

So to give you better understanding of these privacy policies changes, read this 15-slide presentation below courtesy of Andrea Moro, a professional SEM and front end designer and I hope that by the end of the presentation you'll have a better understanding of the real intent behind this change.


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  1. I know that there are changes in the privacy policy of Google, but specifically I'm not quite aware of those in details. This sure is a great find.

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