Admit It, You Hate Them!

A funny checklist but somehow true to the statement that "YOU HATE THEM!" Can you add some more?

☑ Kim Jong Il
☑ Khaddafi
☑ Osama Bin Laden
☑ Saddam Hussein
☐ Internet Explorer

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  1. Jonathan says:

    I'd probably add Justin Bieber on this list. :)))))

  2. Haha, yeah right! He's one of the world's equally hated and loved person!

  3. Clint says:

    Padagadg yung "unseen, automatic talking ads". Magkakaheart attack ka na lang bigla kakainis!

  4. oh! This is true and ridiculous! IE is at the crossroads LOL!

  5. tatess says:

    i am using IE,don't hate it .Osama is the most hated and hideous for me.

  6. I use IE too and I don't hate it. :) maybe i'll replace number 5 with gloria arroyo...LOL

  7. yuuki says:

    im still using IE din sa ofc...pero i agree with the first 4...

  8. Rachelle says:

    hehe.. you're right! your post is really short! :)

  9. kiko :(|) says:

    Hi Abet first time on your blog, short post but with sense :)

    My recent post Bangungot ng Bagyong Sendong

  10. dennis says:

    short nga! hehehe

  11. We hate them. But others love them. We hate them in the sense they rock the world by their atrocity. Others love them for they have been helped and benefited in some other ways. We hate them for many lives have been lost for they're terrorists. Others love them for they idolize them for they're their heroes. Generally, as a Christian, we should not hate them. Instead we should love them, pray for them that they may rest in peace.

    Gil Camporazo's latest blog:   Help Sendong Victims!

  12. Shydub says:

    add mo na rin virus hehe,

  13. Add ko si Justin Bieber! Hahaha. :)

  14. michi says:

    i'm still using IE. hate ko si PNoy?!? wala nagagawa e.

  15. Adding:
    - folks who cut in line
    - people who just stand at the top/bottom of the escalator thinking where to go. GEDEMITMAKEUPYOURMIND!
    - people who are always angry at something. dooood, mellow. :)

    Much love, Christia

    Consolidated list to help SENDONG victims from Christia's World

  16. sarj says:

    The clever deceiver: Satan

  17. AGREE !!

    kindly add Bieber ! and Gloria !

  18. chrisair says:

    PNoy, tsaka yung mahitad nyang sister hehehehe

  19. I hate to hate but I can't help but to may hate them but we can always find good things in every person.

  20. number one enemy: Satan

  21. haha. This one's funny! I love the list that you have put here. My Phoenix web design company loves the article here honestly.

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